K12 Guidance fosters individual excellence by providing guided learning and focused practice through the comprehensive English Reading and Writing Program.

K12 Guidance Language Arts Program equips the students with all the essential tools of English Reading and Writing. Strong Language skills give the student an opportunity to attain academic goals in all other streams of learning.

K12Guidance English reading and writing enrichment program focuses on four key elements – vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and language mechanics. K12Guidance devised a REAP structure to help students retain their learning for life. K12Guidance GLFP philosophy and the REAP structure – Read, Enrich, Apply and Practice – of instruction has shown amazing results year after year.

K12Guidance coaching has helped students build strong foundations in the English language, academically and beyond.

K12Guidance offers three mediums to choose from to benefit from the program

K12Guidance onsite enrichment program provides in-person tutor coaching, constant evaluation and feedback, intense practice.

K12Guidance ‘study at home’ program offered via mail as well onsite provides weekly packet that consists of concept sheets to learn and six task sheets to practice the concept, Weekly correction and feedback is provided.

K12Guidance Books
K12Guidance pursuit toreach more and more students near and far, has motivated to introduce comprehensively structured text books.

Program Objective


To strengthen academic skills.


Reinforce concentration, focus, and time management.


Enhance confidence and motivation.


Build Test-Taking and Study Skills.