K12Guidance was formed with a sole focus to provide guided learning and focused practice to the students in enhancing English reading and writing skills. K12Guidance has completed more than a decade in fostering individual excellence.

The K12Guidance language arts program equips students with all the essential tools of English reading and writing — vocabulary, spelling, grammar, language mechanics, and using context clues. K12Guidance devised the REAP structure— read, enrich, apply, and practice — to help students retain their learning for life.

K12Guidance programs enriches the language skills, academically and beyond. Over the years, the positive feedback has inspired K12Guidance to offer onsite as well as distant learning programs to students living near and far.

K12Guidance outstanding ONSITE English and Math enrichment program provides in-person coaching, intense practice, constant evaluation, and regular feedback.

K12Guidance unique ‘study at home’ English and Math enrichment mail program is a unique step to provide distant learning, guidance and feedback. Each weekly packet consists of concept sheets to learn and six task sheets to practice the concept. ‘Study at home’ mail program offers weekly correction and feedback.

K12Guidance Books
K12Guidance’s pursuit to reach more and more students has motivated them to introduce comprehensively structured reading and writing workbooks.

Program Objective


To strengthen academic skills.


Reinforce concentration, focus, and time management.


Enhance confidence and motivation.


Build Test-Taking and Study Skills.