K12Guidance ‘study at home’ mail Program

What is K12Guidance ‘study at home’ program for Grade 1 thru Grade 8?

In 2007, as part of K12Guidance virtual learning initiative, K12Guidance introduced English reading and writing “study at home” program offered via mail for students Grade 1 through Grade 8.

  • Goal of this program – to provide opportunity to the students to nurture their hobbies and at the same time show excellence academically.
  • Benefit of this program – It is offered via mail, thus no hassle of running around in the evenings to different academic classes, rather the evenings can be used in fostering other interests.
  • Ease of the program – The students can work in the relaxed environment of their home at their own pace.

What is unique about K12Guidance ‘study at home’ program?

  •  K12Guidance provides weekly correction and feedback that helps students enrich English reading and writing skills.
  • Provides two distinctive learning program options:

      GUIDED Practice (GP)– includes Weekly Correction and Feedback
INDEPENDENT Practice (IP) – learning at own pace

NOTE:  “Study at home” program for Grades 6 thru Grade 8 are offered only to students living outside New Jersey.

How does the two Program options work?

        1.      GUIDED Practice (GP) option is a simple five step learning cycle:

  • Takes the Diagnostic Test to set the learning level.
  • Receives the weekly assignment.
  • Finishes the weekly assignment .
  • Mails it back for correction and feedback.
  • Reads the feedback and applies to the next assignment.

       Guided practice option is offered only for English reading and writing.

     2.        INDEPENDENT Practice (IP) option is a simple three step learning cycle:

  • Takes the Diagnostic Test to set the learning level
  • Receives the weekly assignment
  • Finishes the weekly assignment and does self evaluation

      Independent practice option is offered for both English and Math.

Why should you enroll your child to K12Guidance “study at home” program?

  •  Comprehensively structured curriculum based on Common Core standards.
  • The English reading and writing learning is divided into six blocks. Program focuses on all language elements.
  • Provides CONCEPT sheets with each weekly assignment to first learn the concept and then practice6 PRACTICE Worksheets/ per week.

Click the sample lessons to see the structure of the weekly assignments.


  • Offers option for weekly correction and feedback for steady improvement. Thus, the accountability does not let the lessons keep sitting on the table.
  • Evaluation is done at the regular intervals.
  • Reasonable FEE structure
    • Guided Practice – $12.50/ per week/ per subject

                 Independent Practice – $10.50/ per week/ per subject

  • To Enroll click CONTACT US and provide us all the student details.

K12Guidance will generate PAYPAL invoice. Pay through PAYPAL.

 Brief overview of Guided Practice learning cycle


Lesson is Mailed to the student


Student finishes and Mails to K12Guidance for correction


K12Guidance corrects and provides the feedback


Corrected lesson is mailed back with the new weekly assignment.

 Watch how the K12Guidance ‘study at home’ program cycle works.