K12Guidance Onsite Program

What makes K12Gudiance onsite English program outstanding?

A thorough understanding of the English language is key to becoming an excellent writer and reader. K12Guidance helps students achieve this goal by becoming proficient in all aspects of the English language.

K12Guidance programs’ consistent guidance and comprehensive practice alleviates the struggle of integrating the four key elements of the English language—vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and language mechanics into any reading and writing task. Thus the results are commendable.

The programs’ REAP structure – Read, Enrich, Apply, and Practice nurtures the skills academically and beyond; regardless of whether the student is presenting at school, writing a book report, analyzing a novel, or making a speech.

K12Guidance programs follow the Common Core Standards.

K12Guidance English Enrichment Program focuses on the following:

What is the structure of the enrichment learning session?

    • Each session is of sixty minutes.
    • Offered in a small group of 5-6 students; however, it is not a classroom set-up. Each student is guided based on his or her potential and pace.
    • English reading and writing program is divided into six blocks to ensure the proper acceleration in the English reading and writing skills.

    When and where are the classes offered?

      • Classes are offered throughout the year. They are conducted in the evenings and on Sundays.
      • K12Guidance classes are offered at the South Brunswick facility. Call us @ 848-628-4512 or click CONTACT US to get details about enrollment process, class schedule, and fee structure.

      What other enrichment programs does K12Guidance offers onsite?