About Us

K12Guidance was formed with an aim to help students in building English reading and writing skills. K12Guidance has recently completed thirteen years helping students,near and far, in enriching their English and Math skills. K12Guidance  philosophy is that Guided Learning and Focused Practice is a stepping stone towards excellence. K12Guidance philosophy has demonstrated excellent results.

Positive feedback from the parents inspired K12Guidance to introduce distant ‘study at home’ program to help students enrich their academic skills at their own pace. The program is offered via mail and provides weekly correction and feedback for consistent progress.

In the pursuit to reach more and more students, recently K12Guidance ventured into the world of academic workbooks. The first four levels of Grade 1 are available on Amazon Books shelves.

K12Guidance aims at making students understand that learning any language is an art. As the painter’s use perfect blend of different shades in any painting that mesmerizes the audience; similarly in language the writer’s use of vivid word choice and appealing expressions enthralls the readers.

We have put our rigorous experience together in structuring the curriculum, compiling into intense learning and practice lessons and putting the content together into workbooks.  K12Guidance work towards one core objective – positive reinforcement.

All K12Guidance programs comply with the common core standards.