PHONICS (Reading Program for ages 3-7)

K-12 Guidance Phonetics Program is based on the findings of scientifically based reading research (SBRR)

The scientifically based reading research (SBRR) defined essential components of reading instruction as explicit and systematic instruction in—

A. Phonemic awareness – the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate the individual sounds in spoken words.
B. Phonics – the relationship between the letters of the written language and the sounds of spoken language.
C. Vocabulary development – the words students must know to read effectively.
D. Reading fluency, including oral reading skills – the capacity to read text accurately and quickly.

The program is structured from Basic to Advance level.

The program builds confidence and the young readers start reading with ease. They are encouraged to read variety of beginners and advance level books.

In the advance level, we follow the whole-language approach. Whole-language approach strengthens the reading skills by encouraging the child to read the words as a complete unit. Whole language has strengths in that children begin to write early.