Public Speaking

K12Guidance Public Speaking program helps students enhance the core skills of presentation.

The program focuses on teaching students how to prepare for oral presentations. Emphasize is on the techniques like balancing a tone, voice modulation, grabbing the audience. The program is offered during summer – Eight sessions during July and August.

Public speaking sessions equip students with the following key elements to be an excellent speaker-

  • Understanding audience
  • Approaching the topic with clarity
  • Consistent Voice modulation
  • Adapting unique style and tone
  • Maintaining coherence in the thoughts
  • Concluding with a zing

Structure and Fee of the Public Speaking sessions –

  • Total number of sessions – 8
  • Each group session consists of 6 students.
  • The sessions are conducted once a week.
  • Call or CONTACT US to check the spot availability.
  • The group starts only when minimum 4 students sign up.
  • Fee – $15/per session