Reading Enrichment Program

Regular reading habit fosters a natural outgrowth of excellent expressions in both writing and speaking. K12Guidance reading enrichment program enriches the comprehension skills by providing intense coaching and practice reading wide variety of short and long passages.

The program focuses on:

• Comparing & Contrasting

Students develop their ability to define words using context clues in the stories; to identify main ideas that occur within a story to better understand the story as a whole; and to compare and contrast actions, characters and information from a passage

• Critical Reading

Exercises, which focus on more subtle details of structure, theme, and character, lead students to a closer reading of the text. The reading selections develop students’ understanding of how a writer’s intentions are reflected in various aspects of the work under review.

Students develop their ability to construct and respond to questions using who, what, where, when and how; to interpret information from passages and organize it into a complete open response format.

• Sentence Analysis, Paraphrase, Theme Passage Organization

Students develop greater sensitivity to authors’ use of descriptive language. Summation exercises help students focus on specific points within passages. Students are formally introduced to story elements such as plot, character and setting.

• Interpretation

Students gain a greater ability in understanding the meaning of a text beyond the obvious. Thus, intense reading of variety of passages develops the skill of interpreting and analyzing the literary elements.