A “good vocabulary” means more than big words. A “vocabulary” actually comprises four different kinds of vocabulary –

  • aural vocabulary — the words we hear
  • reading vocabulary — the words we read
  • spoken vocabulary — the words we speak
  • writing vocabulary — the words we write

K12Guidance coaching helps students understand and differentiate the word usage.

How does K12Guidance teach vivid vocabulary ?

  • K12Guidance divides vocabulary into different categories like awesome adjective, overly used words, synonyms…..
  • To enhance the word bank, plenty of vocabulary practice tasks are devised.
  • Students repeatedly work on the vocabulary tasks, thus  finally their word bank fills with the vibrant word.
  • K12Guidance consistently motivates students to get rid of repeated overly used words. A constant quizzes and consistently writing brief ideas with a focus on vivid vocabulary, ultimately gets results.


Building strong vocabulary and learning new challenging words is a gradual preparation for the SAT. The learning of vocabulary helps later in SAT reading tasks like using context clue in understanding the critical reading passage .