Writing Enrichment Program

I have six honest serving men
They taught me all I knew
Their names are What, and Where and When;
and Why and How and Who.
– Rudyard Kipling

    K12Guidance Writing program emphasizes to the use of six questions – as a guide for better thinking.

      Writing strengthens the students’ ability to brainstorm, organize and structure a composition of any type like descriptive, narrative, expository or persuasive. K12 Guidance uses variety of writing technique to guide students in developing precise and concise writing piece.

      • Writing enhancement tools

      Students are equipped with all the essential writing enhancement tools to develop an excellent piece of writing. They are introduced to one of the important characteristics – the use of TRANSITION WORDS also called linking words or connecting words. The usage of these words maintains the coherence in the writing

      Students also learn and practice plenty of other language enhancement tools like adding figure of speech, using show don’t tell, starting with exciting intro, building juicy details, and ending with a clinching conclusion.

      • Sentence Structure

      Students learn adding sentence variety to any writing task as it gives life and rhythm to any writing piece.

      Students learn using varying sentence style and structure as it reduces repetition and add emphasis.

      Variety in the sentence opening never lets the writing get monotonous for the reader.

      • Strategic Writing

      Students are guided how to structure wide variety of writing genre- Expository, Narrative, Descriptive, Persuasive and Short stories.

      Students learn how to incorporate the language enhancement tools to make their writing pieces appealing to the reader.

      Students ‘learn to be three people at once: writer, character, and reader.’ Nancy Kress.